Local Box

In CrossFit, a gym is called a “box.” Not only is the name different, but you will feel a difference immediately walking in the door. The inside is literally shaped like a big box littered with weights, ropes, and bars. Members are yelling encouragement to each other and hitting high fives after each intense workout. My first thought was, “No wonder these people are so close, we are bonding over a traumatic experience.” Yes, the workouts are all that tough! Support, therefore, is incredibly important and these athletes soon become your second family.

Southern California is the hub of CrossFit and has many boxes to choose from. Below I’m including some of my favorites, including my current CrossFit home: Crossfit Horsepower – Hermosa Beach.

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Even with extended waiting lists to join, CrossFit Horsepower was literally busting at the seams. The solution? To build a second CrossFit Horsepower in Hermosa Beach. The original box, known for training some of the top athletes in the CrossFit world, lends it’s expertise (as well as a few coaches) to it’s sister box near the ocean. With a dedication to developing each athlete to their full potential, while protecting from injury, this is a great all around box. As a bonus, it houses a Jacuzzi sized ice bath and hot tub to speed up the recovery process.


A4 Fitness incorporates all the aspects of CrossFit life including the very popular Paleo diet emphasis. Athletes are as dedicated to the nutritional aspects of fitness as the physical making it one of the top boxes for losing weight.


CrossFit Aviator, conveniently located next the Los Angeles Airport, is a high energy, hardcore box. Filled with young, strong athletes, this is the place to go if you are looking for non-stop go-go attitude.


CrossFit Tough Angels, now known as CrossFit Lomita is a down-to-earth box filled with genuinely good people. Originally a box for women only, it quickly became apparent that CrossFit is a family affair. The box was purchased by a favorite coach who changed the name to better reflect the diversity and the community it serves. .